How We Can Help

Care packages tailored to individual requirements and needs

Individual Assessment & Support

An assessment of the individual’s needs and circumstances will be assessed by Phoenix Youth Residence’s support team and the local authority’s social worker. The care packages are split up depending on the level of care, guidance and support the individual requires.

Often the individuals have come from difficult backgrounds, have lacked stability and guidance with no role models. Our pathway and support plans aim to reach out and secure what’s suitable and right for the individual.

Nature & Development of Key Skills

Building relationships, development of self-esteem, financial planning, food preparations for a healthy lifestyle and active participation in society amongst many other key skills are areas of priority for our teams to nature and develop for young people during their stay with us.

We will endeavour to:

Providing guidance and access to all assistance streams on offer.

Offer mentorship and assistance in furthering education.

Help young people seek real employment and assist them in applying for these opportunities.

Understand the young individual’s own circumstance and adapt a support strategy to benefit their requirements.

Provide, warm, clean and functional accommodation to allow the individuals to grow into responsible adulthood.

Provide suitable locations for ready access to transport links, colleges, centres of educations, or substantial employment opportunities.

Develop long term relationships with key stakeholder and local businesses to allow total integration and support for the individuals.

Phoenix Youth Residence aims not to just provide a roof and a bed, but direction and support to develop the lives of the individuals and encourage education to inspire a positive work ethic in the youngsters.